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Advocate For Children

  • It’s imperative that parents know the source and type of information that infiltrates the minds of their children.
  • Whereabouts of children is critical and the company they keep.
  • Children are at risks when there is no responsible parent and/or guardian.
  • Children are like sheep; they will go astray in their own way.

Parents Are The Best Advocates for Their Children

A Child Advocate can offer biblical-based education, instruction and support to a child or young person. The main purpose of a child advocate is to enable children to express their needs and feelings. The aim of child advocacy is to encourage morality of children and uphold their basic rights.

  • Being an advocate is promoting and defending another person’s rights, needs and interests.
  • Children might need an advocate if they’re at risk of harm, aren’t having their needs met, or are being denied rights.
  • Being an advocate involves understanding issues, thinking about children’s needs and presenting solutions.
  • Help children learn to speak for themselves by building their confidence and teaching them to understand right and wrong behavior.


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