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The Best Practice Is, Get Counseling Before A Relationship Ensues

It is more important to become the right person as opposed to looking for the right person. The reason is, if you do not know what you’re looking for, you’re never going to find it. To find certain character traits in another, we must first have an appreciation for the same character traits operating in us as we work simultaneously to set standards on what we want, and willing to accept before starting to look for them in another. In so doing, it will enable us to appreciate that quality in the other person as we realize why we became attracted to this person in the first place. It also helps us to get to know ourselves while getting to know the other person. Still, it begs the question though, “What Do You Say After You Say Hello?” So then, this is the time when you also ask the question, “tell me who you are without telling what you do?

Important Signs To Observe Prior to Entering Into A Relationship

It is imperative that each person who is interested in engaging in a relationship with another to ask themselves this question: “Am I prepared spiritually, emotionally, and mentally healthy enough to have a relationship with another person?” In many situations, one’s experiences from the past, especially from a horrifying relationship can leave an indelible impact on one’s ability to move forward as a person. Frankly speaking, our family values, principles, and ethics will play a major role in how each of us will bond, mingle, and accept each other, particularly having come from dissimilar walks of life. Worse case scenario is, if you’re emotionally healthy and the person with whom you plan to engage is emotionally broken, you’ve just bought yourself a ticket for disaster. To avoid this unequally yoked situation, there must be no uncertainties of the other person’s true commitment to God and their willingness to grow in His Kingdom.

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