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Fathers, your sons are waiting on you to tell them they have what it takes

One might ask “what is the process by which we provide counseling for children?” Well, what we do is provide a level of education, information, and awareness to you the parent, and we give you the liberty to pass it on to your children.

Moving forward, the father must understand that he, as the earthly father, is the first image of God that both the boy and girl child encounters in the family. Without the parents in the home promoting excellent family values, especially the earthly father, the children can very easily fall victim to the battle being fought between “fatherlessness and atheism.”

The book by Paul C. Vitz entitled “Faith Of The Fatherless” shows that children without earthly fathers experience a struggle with having faith in God, the Heavenly Father, and to acknowledge that He even exist, as many of us have come to know Him today.

In this connection, fathers in addition to being the image bearers of God for your sons and daughters, they’re also waiting on you celebrating the threshold when they become adults.

Mothers, while you tell your daughter what to be, her father tells her how to become it

Yes, the daughter will ultimately market herself after a significant other based on the character model formed by her father, as she seeks to open and close that important chapter in her life.

While motherhood is vital to nurture each child, it’s been inherently shown that the father in the home plays a vital role to validate, affirm, provides self-approval, self-worth, and self-esteem for the girl child. Without these attributes from her father, more often than none the girl child grows up with a lack of confidence, motivation, and not sure of herself, becomes a people pleaser, unable to choose wisely, and may lower her morals to befriend or submit to the substandard needs of another.

As the Bible says, “My people suffer from a lack of knowledge while some are destroyed.

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