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Welcome to our online Eternal Life Christian Book Store. This Christian Book Store was birthed out of visions from God to declare that anyone who takes up his cross and follows Jesus Christ shall be victorious through the Gift of Salvation and not suffer to become a victim from the sins of this world. As born-again believers, we have been ordained in the apostolic and prophetic ministry to carry out the Great Commission under the auspices of the Holy Spirit to minister hope, reconciliation, deliverance, and wise counsel to a lost and dying world. In so doing, our goal is to help build the family by aligning it with core biblical principles and values as designed by God that focus on strength through unity. The world has changed and the glimmer of hope for the future for many in society has all but disappeared. Family values have fallen by the wayside and families have lost their direction and have gone astray in their own way.


With its enormous resources, Eternal Life Christian Book Store has placed special emphasis in selecting world-class products aimed to help the individual, family, and church family to find their way back to God and submit to building a stronger relationship with him through Jesus Christ. We are a leading-edge online eCommerce Christian Book Store that specializes in a variety of Family Life Resources.

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