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The Three “Cs” That Bring Ultimate Success Into Marriage Are Communication, Cooperation, And Compromise.

As you will see, effective communication in and of itself does not work efficiently except until when it connects two people through a task-oriented assignment requiring their ‘interaction,’ which will ultimately divulge the critical need for effective communication between them.

This type of interaction, not only improves communication, but it points out that communication is an essential attribute for working together as a team. In so doing, it invariably took the team’s communication skills to an even higher level while having elevated their achievement goals beyond an expected outcome.

Cooperation, however, leans more toward understanding the duties and responsibilities of being a team player. It motivates others to seek to aid in wherever there’s a need to reduce the workload or burden on another team player.

Finally, to compromise is knowing when, where, and how to make concessions. In fact, the importance of a compromise, when done in an impartial fashion, it will demonstrate to the opposite sex that the other is sensitive to their needs in mutual decision making.

It is Important to Know That God is a Generational God

When a marriage is established, there are two different generations of families coming together that will generate several sets of bloodlines of families, even family tree(s), which gives rise to a host of in-laws, cousins, grandparents, great grandparents, grandchildren, and more.

So, when one says, “I am not marrying the family, I am only marrying him or her, it’s quite the opposite and could not be further from the truth.” The truth is, believe it or not, you’re marrying into every good, bad, troubling, and emotional experience, whether pleasant or corrupt, that this family has ever had.

Therefore, it behooves one to get to know all the things one should know, especially about that family before one gets married into it. Another important factor is, if you’ve been married before and contemplate undertaking it again, then not only is it crucial that you seek counseling for yourselves, but it’s extremely important that you seek wise counseling for your soon to be, if they exist, stepchildren in order to mend and blend your new families appropriately.

Remember, the family is designed by God, which makes it the greatest health, education, and welfare component in society for imparting early development of sacred family-values to harvest emotionally healthy adults.

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