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101 Prayers From the Bible Scripture Cards in a Tin

101 Prayers From the Bible Scripture Cards in a Tin

Pink and Purple Floral Design With Navy Blue Lid


Find guidance and wisdom for your daily prayers to the LORD with the 101 Prayers from the Bible Cards in a Tin. The biblical examples of prayer provided by this card set will give you words to speak when you are at a loss.

Pink and purple flowers bloom across the exterior of the tin with its tightfitting lid. The contrasting navy blue lid holds the title in silver foil sandwiched by two flower swags.

101 Prayers from the Bible 

The double-sided cards within contain a collection of biblical prayers printed on the front and the same floral design printed on the back of all the cards.

You can keep this tin handy in a purse or backpack to easily share encouragement with friends or set it on a table in your living room for your family to find comfort when they open it.

These cards sets are perfect for adding to a care package for a student who just started college or using as a stocking stuffer during the holidays. The 101 Prayers from the Bible Cards in a Tin will benefit anyone who could use extra guidance in their prayers.

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Product: 101 Prayers From The Bible Scripture Cards in a Tin
Material: Metal Tin with a tight-fitting lid
Design color: Pink and purple floral design with navy blue tin
Tin Size: 1.7" x 3.7 x 2.1"
Weight: 5 ounces
Scripture: 101 Verses
ISBN: 1220000138735
Item No: CBCARD072203


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