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Bible Inklings Bible Trivia Game

Bible Inklings Bible Trivia Game

Great for Families, Youth Program, Classrooms and Church Cactus Game Design


The Bible Inklings card game is an exciting and unique question and answer game.  The Trivia game that only takes an Inkling to win. Bible Inklings is great for Families, Friends, Adults with Children, Bible study, Family Night at Church, and Youth Programs. Bible Inklings is the trivia game that only takes an Inkling to win. The game contains 252 questions in five categories. The different categories are “Who am I?”, “What Book am I?”, ‘What Number am I?” and “What City am I?” Each card contains a question with six clues. The first clue is the most difficult. The Clues get progressively easier. The number beside the clue card is the point value of a correct answer.  Answer the question using as few clues as needed.  Be the first player or team to earn 55 points and answer the last question to win.

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Ages: For 2-6 players or Teams ages 8 and up
Format: Paper Clue Cards, Rules, and Score Pad
Weight: 2 pounds
UPC: 830938007259
Item No: GAMINK012410


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