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Flag American 3 FT X 5 FT

Flag American 3 FT X 5 FT


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This is a Traditional American Flag. Made of 100% durable polyester to ensure it lasts for as long as possible, indoors or outdoors. Created with quality fabric and sturdy stitching that won’t easily fray in the wind and weather. Includes secure and smooth grommets to make it easy to put on your flagpole. Flag size is 3 x 5 feet, the regular size for flagpoles, and a good size to hang inside as a wall decor tapestry.

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Format: Flag American with Metal Grommets
Size: 15.5 × 4.75 × 0.5 in
Weight: 6 ounces
Brand: Swanson
UPC:  788200505821
Item No: FLAGAM112302


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