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Pocket Square Magnifying Sheet

Pocket Square Magnifying Sheet

Magnifies up to 150%


Keep a Pocket Square Magnifying Sheet in your pocket to pull out at a moment's notice when you have to read small print.

At 150 % magnification, this little magnifying sheet will make it easy to see small print or images. It might help you see what might otherwise be hidden between the lines.

Our thin and flexible pocket-size magnifying sheets can be slipped into a handbag, coat pocket, or book, ready to use when you need to. Simply hold the pocket-sized magnifying sheet about 4 inches above a page to magnify.

Leave the Pocket-sized Magnifying Sheet in your Bible when you have completed your reading for the day to use it as a bookmark. Our magnifying sheets are thin enough to be left between the pages of a book without causing it to bulge, so I will not damage the pages or the spine.

Add a Pocket-size Magnifying Sheet to a grandfather's Christmas stocking or slip it in the front of a book you give to your mom for Mother's Day. It makes a practical addition to any gift.

  • Magnifying Sheet
  • Handy Pocket Square Size
  • Flexible and Thin
  • Magnifies up to 150 %
  • Doubles as Bookmark
  • Packaged in Self-seal Bag

Additional information


Size: 5.4" x 3.8" x 0.01"
Weight: 0.32 ounces
ISBN: 6006937014220
Item No: MAGNPS072212


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