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Purple Creative by Design Journaling Kit

Purple Creative by Design Journaling Kit

5 Colors


This complete Purple Creative by Design Journaling Kit will inspire creativity as you learn and grow in the Word.

Design and fill the pages of your journal or Journaling Bible with colorful stickers, clear stickers, an ink pad and stamps, washi tape, and 2-inch column inserts to color. Add colorful details to personal drawings with an assortment of gel pens including glitter and metallic colors and keep your design aligned with the page protector that is marked in millimeters and inches.

Creatively express your thoughts, prayers, and inspirations through coloring, drawing, and writing. The Purple Creative by Design Journaling Kit can be used on any journaling Bible, My Creative Bible, My Creative Bible for Girls, My Promise Bible, or more.

  • 4 washi tape rolls
  • Black ink block
  • 12 stamps
  • 24 bible journaling column inserts
  • 4 sticker pages
  • 6 glitter gel pens
  • 6 metallic gel pens
  • Page protector with a ruler in inch and millimeter

Additional information

Product Details

Size: Box – 11.5" x 7.5" x 1.5"
Weight:  1 pound 1 ounce
ISBN: 1220000130371
Item No: CJOKIT072207


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