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Scattergories Bible Edition

Scattergories Bible Edition

Board Game
Cactus Game Design


How many Bible categories can you match before time runs out? Roll the letter die to determine the key letter for that round. You roll a "C". Now start the timer! How quickly can you think of a "Place Christ walked?...' Canaan!..."Things that separate us from each other?..." Holy Spirit?..." Comforter! What if you can't think of an answer that starts with the key letter? No problem. How quickly can you think of a "Place Christ walked?. The player with the highest score after three rounds is the winner.

The Game of Scattergories Bible Edition is great family fun and a real discussion starter as you review your answers to categories such as "Things to forgive." This game is entertaining, enhances faith and promotes learning.

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Ages: Two to Four Players, 8 to Adult
Item Weight: 2 pounds
UPC: 830938007297
Item No: GAMSCA092212


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